Fluvial Landform ( 10. Drainage Basin )

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  • A drainage basin is land surface water from ;

                                               melting snow
  • The waters join another waterbody, such as;

                                            river                                   lake
                                            reservoir                           estuary
                                            wetland                              sea
  • Drainage basin are called as;

                                         Catchment                             Catchment area
                                         Catchment basin                  Drainage area
                                         River basin                            Water basin

  • In closed drainage basins converges to a single point inside the basin.
  • It become permanent lake, dry lake.
  • It includes streams & rivers.
  • The drainage basin acts as a funnel.

Largest river basins
  • The Amazon basin
  • The River Plate basin
  • The Congo basin
  • The Nile basin
  • The Mississippi basin

Endorheic drainage basins
  • Inland basins ,do not drain to ocean.
  • Around 18% of all land drains to lakes, seas/sinks.
  • The largest drains;

                         Caspian Sea
                         Aral Sea
                         Great Basin,United States
                        Okavango River (Kalahari Basin)
                        African Great Lakes

Catchment Factors
1. Topography
  •  Determines speed.
  • Clearly rain falls in steep mountainous areas will reach the river faster than flat or gently sloping areas.


  • Contribute speed .
  • A long thin catchment will take longer to drain than a circular catchment.

  • Determine amount of water reaching the river.

4.Soil type 
  • Determine how much water reaches the river.
  • Certain soil types such as;

                                            sandy soils
5.Land use
  • Contribute to the volume of water reaching the river, in a similar way.

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