Aeolian Landform (05.Dreikanter)

05. Dreikanter                                                                                                                            Back to Aeolian Landforms
  • A pebble with three facets shaped by sandblasting.
  • A Dreikanter is a type of ventifact.
  • It typically forms in desert or preglacial environments, action of blowing sand.
  • It has three-faced pyramidal shape.

  •  The word Dreikanter  derived from Germen, it meaning is "three-edged".
  • Formed by- prevailing wind, sand and debris cause a rock face to become flattened and polished. This changes the mass distribution of the rock, and may cause it to turn another surface toward the wind.
  • Dreikanters generally form in dry, arid environments from hard rocks

some of the best examples of wind erosion are found in antartica .there are no other process to active .these boulders have been deeply eroded by the prevailign winds.
  example -
hint- Specimens of Northeastern United States were formed during the Pleistocene era when the absence of vegetation made for little cover from wind-blown sediment.

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