Aeolian Landform (09Ventifact)

09. Ventifact                                                                                                                                               Back to Aeolian Landforms

  • Ventifacts are rocks;
                                 - pitted
  •  These are polished by;
                                  -ice crystals.
Altiplano region of Bolivia
Altiplano region of Bolivia 
  • Venitifacts found in arid environments with aeolian particle transport.
  • Ventifacts can be abraded to eye-catching natural sculptures.
  •  There are;
                         - tall.
                         -isolated rock outcrops.

                        - mushroom shaped pillars.
  •  The outcrop is eroded by saltating sand grains. 
  • This happening because,strong winds, sand grains.&  continuously held in the air.
  •  These particles bounce along the ground, rarely reaching higher than a few feet above the earth.
    Atacama Province, Chile
    Atacama Province, Chile
  • Bouncing sand grains can erode the lower portions of a ventifact, while leaving a larger less eroded cap. lastly it seems fantastic stone mushrooms.
  • Individual stones, forming desert pavement, with grooved, etched, or polished surfaces.

 Mojave Desert near Barstow, California
 Mojave Desert near Barstow, California

Dolly Sods, West Virginia, USA
Dolly SodsWest Virginia, USA

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