Coastal and Oceanic Landform (19. Cove)

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  • A cove is a small type of bay or coastal inlet.
  • It have narrow, restricted entrances are circular or oval.
  • Cove situated within a larger bay.
  • Coves considered;

                               Small/narrow sheltered bays
Coron Island Cove in Palawan, Philippines.
Coron Island Cove in Palawan, Philippines.
  • Term can describe a sheltered bay.
  • Geomorphology describes coves as precipitously walled.
  • It has  rounded cirque-like openings as in a valley extending into or down a mountainside/ in a hollow or nook of a cliff or steep mountainside.
  • Coves are formed by differential erosion.
  •  Differential erosion occurs when softer rocks are worn away faster than the harder rocks surrounding them. 
  • These rocks further erode to form a circular bay with a narrow entrance called a cove.

An example of a cove;
                                  Lulworth Cove, Jurassic Coast  in Dorset, England
McWay Cove, California, USA
McWay Cove, California, USA

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