Coastal and Oceanic Landform (28. Islet)

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  • An islet is a very small island,land or rock surround by water.

Types of Islet
                Uninhabited landform.'
               Composed of rock, lying offshore.

                  A thin, vertical landform. 
                  Jutting out of a body of water.
                  Isolated by water.

3.Sea stack 

4.Subsidiary islets
                  Lying off the shore of a larger island.

5.Tidal island 
                   Small islands. 
                  Lie off the mainland of an area.
                  Connected to it in low tide and isolated in high tide.

6.River island 

 A small islet within the current of a river.

7.Ait or eyot
                  A term for river islands.
                 Occur within the RiverThames in England.

snake island
snake island

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