Aeolian Landform (12. Yardang)

12. Yardang                                                                                                                                           Back to Aeolian landforms

  • Low ridges carved in soft rock by wind in flat desert.
  • yardang is a streamlined hill carved from ,bedrock ,consolidated ,semiconsolidated material.
  • Action of creating yardang ;
                -wind abrasion
Tsaidam Desert, Qinghai Province, China.
Tsaidam Desert, Qinghai Province, China.

  • Most yardang fields are in sand-poor areas.
  • These are longer than wide. 
  • Yardangs are formed by wind erosion &  cohesive material.
  • They are more commonly created from softer rock types like;

  • Yardang mostly have flat surface of harder and softer material.
  •  The soft material is eroded and removed by the wind, and the harder material remains.
  • There are 3 types of yardangs; 
                 1.mega-yardangs =100m high
                                                   Several km long
                                                   Can fing arid regions with strong wings
                                                    examples: *Tibesti Mountains in the central Sahara.
                                                                    *"Hole in the Rock" in Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona
                                                                    * Window Rock, Arizona.
                                                                    *Riverbed of the Kurruk-daria in Central Asia.

                 2.meso-yardangs=Few meters high
                                                 10 to 15 meters long 
                                                Found carved in semiconsolidated playa, sediments & other soft granular materials.

                 3.micro-yardangs=Few centimeters high.

  • Other common names
             -Sphinxlike hills
             -Mushroom rocks
             -Koukour (common in Tunisia)
             -Kalut (Iran)
            -Cretes et couloirs (Chad).
A yardang near Meadow, Texas
A yardang near Meadow, Texas

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