Coastal and Oceanic Landform (09.Beach Cusps)

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beach cusps in south Western Australia
beach cusps in south Western Australia

  • Beach cusps are shoreline formation.
  • It  made up of various grades of sediment in an arc pattern.
  • The horns are made up of coarser materials.
  • The embayment contains all the finer grain sediment. 
  • Cusps can found on shorelines (pebble beaches)
  • These cusps are most often a few metres long.
  • They may reach 60m across.

  •  The along shore spacing of cusps ranges from a few feet to hundreds of feet and their relief varies from a few inches to several feet.
  • Characterized by

                                   -Spaced series of rounded.
                                   -Small headlands (projections)
                                   -Bays (or embayments)

  • The origin of beach cusps formed by  self-sustaining process.
  • This is an oncoming wave hits the horn of a beach cusp.

  •  It is split and forced into two directions.

                                      1.The crashing of the wave into the cusps slows its velocity, 
                                          Causing coarser sediment to fall out of suspension,
                                          Deposited on the horns.

                                2. The waves then flow along the embayments (picking up finer sediment)
                                     Run into one another in the middle. 

  • After this collision these waves attempt to flow back out to sea till  they are met by incoming waves.

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