Coastal and Oceanic Landform (35.Oceanic Basin)

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  • An oceanic basin covered by seawater.
  • Ocean basins are large basins  below sea level.
  • There are under sea features;

                                                 continental shelves
                                                 deep ocean trenches
                                                 undersea mountain ranges

  • There are complement to the continents, with erosion.
  • Sediments derived ending up in the ocean basins.
  • Most Ocean basins  as basaltic plains, than as sedimentary depositories.

  • Basins are both above and below sea level;

                                                     Maracaibo Basin in Venezuela
  • Oceans cover 70% of the Earth's surface.
  • Oceans lie lower than continents, the former serve as sedimentary basins.
  • Is serve as repositories for the skeletons of carbonate- and silica-secreting organisms;

                                                    coral reefs
Oceanic basin  actively changing size /relatively, tectonically inactive, depending on whether there is a moving plate tectonic boundary associated with it.
The elements of an active& growing
                                                   elevated mid-ocean ridge
                                                   flanking abyssal hills leading down to abyssal plains.
                                                   oceanic trench associated with a subduction zone.

examples of active Oceanic basin
The Atlantic ocean 
The Arctic ocean
The Pacific Ocean

examples of growing Oceanic basin
The Mediterranean Sea
The Pacific Ocean

example of an inactive oceanic basin
The Gulf of Mexico in Jurassic
The Aleutian Basin

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