Coastal and Oceanic Landform (44. Shoal )

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  • shoal called as;

  • It is linear landform within into a body of water.
  • Composed of sand,siltpebbles.
  • spit /  sandspit is a type of shoal.
  • Shoals are characteristically long and narrow.
  • Shoals can appear in the sea , lake river.

  • bar is a shoal.
  • Similar to a reef.
  • A shallow formation of sand.

  • surface waves move towards shallow water.
  • Their wave height increases.
  • The distance between waves decreases.
  • The waves are said to shoal.

Bar formed;
  • Sand carried by the offshore moving bottom current is deposited.

Harbour and river bars
  • A harbour / river bar is formed at a harbour entrance/ river mouth.
  • Deposition of sediment.
  • A bar can form a dangerous obstacle to shipping.

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