Erosion Landform (18. Potrero )

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  • A potrero is a long mesa.
  • That at one end slopes upward to higher terrain.
  • This landform commonly occurs on the flanks of a mountain.
  • It is part of a dissected plateau.
  • A loan word from Spanish language.
  • Potrero is use in the southwestern United States.

                  Pajarito Plateau near Santa Fe,
                  New Mexico

  • These potreros used as winter pasture for livestock;

  • That driven to &  from lush summer pastures in the high grass valleys.
  • Today, these potreros  used in  by a large herd of elk.
  • These potreros are natural enclosures.
  • These are the narrow connection to higher land.
  • In Spain a potrero is common land in poor condition.

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