Coastal and Oceanic Landform ( 53. Wave Cut Platform )

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  • wave-cut platform called as;

                                                       Coastal benches
                                                       Wave-cut benches
                                                       Shore platform

  • It  is the narrow flat area.
  • Found at;

                        The base of a sea cliff.
                        Along the shoreline of a lakebay, or sea.

  • That created by the wave action.
  • Wave-cut platforms are low tide.
  • Landward side is covered by sand.
  • It undercutting between high & low water marks.
  • It result of corrosion and hydraulic power.
  • Then creating a wave-cut notch.
  • This notch  enlarges into a cave.
  • The base forms as attrition.
  • Cliff material  washed into the sea.

  • Raised and abandoned platforms found behind modern beaches.
  • Evidence of higher sea levels.
  • Where the coastline changing seismic action.
  • The platforms showing earlier sea levels.
  • Those indicating the uplift caused by various earthquakes.

  • Shore platforms comparable river & lake platforms.
  • They are erosional features develop when removal of saprock.
  • Other debris by waves & currents leaves behind a bedrock surface.

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