Erosion Landform ( 04. Cuesta )

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  • Cuesta derived from Spanish.
  • Meaning is slope.
  • It is a some kind of ridge.
  • It formed by gently tilted.
  • Sedimentary rock strata in a homoclinal structure.
  • Cuestas have a steep slope.

  • The rock layers are exposed on  edges.
  • It called as an escarpment.
  • Usually an erosion rock layer has gentle slope.
  • The other side of the ridge called a dip slope.
  • The slope of a homoclinal ridge dips in the same direction.

  • Two well-known cuestas in Onondaga escarpment and theNiagara escarpment are ;

                            1.Western New York 
                            2.Southern Ontario
  • The Gulf Coastal Plain,Texas is cuestas in parallel the coast
  • The Reynosa Plateau is the most coast-ward cuesta
  • Jurassic chalk White Horse Hills, United Kingdom
  • Swabian Alb cuestas in Jurassic rock

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