Coastal and Oceanic Landform ( 49.Submarine Canyon )

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  • It  is a steep-sided valley.
  • That cut into the sea floor of the continental slope.
  • It extending to the continental shelf.
  • Found at large rivers.
  • Canyons cutting the continental slopes.
  • Depths greater than 2 km below sea level.
  • They continue as submarine channels.
  • It extend for 100 of km.

The Congo Canyon
The Congo Canyon

  • Common submarine canyons ; 
                                            steep slopes  found on active margins.
                                            gentler slopes found on passive margins.

  • The walls are generally very steep (near vertical).
  • The walls are subject to erosion by bioerosion / slumping.
  • Canyons present today were carved during glacial times.

  • The major mechanism to be turbidity currents &  underwater landslides.
  • Turbidity currents are dense.
  • Slope failures landslides are;
                  1. Mass wasting =  -Slower and smaller action of material moving downhill.
                                                        -The effects of ;
                                                       -Defecation of sediment performed by organisms.

                 2. Slumping   =  - Rotational movement of masses on a hillside,Landslides, / slides.
                                                 - Comprise  detachment &  displacement of sediment masses.

                3.Submarine =  - Sea  bed  cut off from the larger ocean.
                                                 - The sea normally repleted by contact.
                                                 - Inflow from the ocean.

  • Avilés Canyon = The deepest submarine canyon.
                                           Up to 4,750 m from the slope.
                                           Southern Bay of Biscay, NE Atlantic,Spain.

  • Congo Canyon = The largest river canyon.
                                           Extending from the Congo River.
                                          800 km long.
                                          1,200 m deep.

  • Zhemchug Canyon = The largest submarine canyon.
                                                        Located on he Bering sea.

  • Amazon Canyon,Amazon River

  • Hudson Canyon,  Hudson River
  • Ganges Canyon,Ganges
  • Indus Canyon,Indus River

  • Monterey Canyon, off the coast of central California
  • Bering CanyonBering Sea
  • Kaikoura Canyon, Offshore from the Kaikoura PeninsulaNew Zealand

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