Fluvial Landform ( 07.Braided Channel )

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  • braided river has a channel.
  • That consists of a network of small channels.
  • Temporary islands called; 

                                                braid bars

  • Braided streams rivers with high slope & large sediment load.
  • That dramatically decrease channel depth &  channel velocity, such as;

                                               River deltas
                                               Alluvial fans

  • Distinct from meandering rivers.
  • Usually highly mobile with river layout.
  • Channels move sideways via differential velocity:

                                        On the outside of a curve, deeper, swift water picks up sediment 
                                        Re-deposited in slow-moving water on the inside of a bend

  • It flow within  valley floor.

Braided channel formation :
  1. an abundant supply of sediment
  2. high stream gradient
  3. rapid and frequent variations in water discharge
  4. erodible banks
  5. a steep channel gradient

  • A stream with cohesive banks.
  • That are resistant to erosion.
  • It will form narrow, deep, meandering channels.
e.g. Brahmaputra-Jamuna River.
       Touat Valley,Africa.

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