Fluvial Landform ( 06.Bench )

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  • bench or benchland is a long.
  • Relatively narrow strip.
  • Gently inclined land.
  • That is bounded by distinctly steeper slopes above and below.
  • Benches have different origins.
  • Created by very different geomorphic processes.

01.The differential erosion of rocks/sediments of varying hardness.
      Resistance to erosion.
      Can create benches.
      Earth scientists called benches "structural benches." 

02. Other benches are narrow fluvial terraces.
       Created by the abandonment of a floodplain by a river/ stream.
       Entrenchment of the river valley.

03.Bench is narrow flat area.
      Seen at the base of a sea cliff.
      Created by waves/ physical ,chemical erosion.
      These benches referred to as;
                                                     coastal benches
                                                     wave-cut benches
                                                     wave-cut platforms

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