Erosion Landform ( 08.Gully )

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A gully in Kharkov oblast, Ukraine.
A gully in Kharkov oblast, Ukraine
  • A gullies are created by soil.
  • The result of;
           -Running water
          - Eroding

  • It typically formed on a hillside.
  • Gullies resemble large ditches or small valleys.
  • Gullies are process of erosion on the water flow.
  • Hillsides are more prone to gullying.
  • They are cleared of vegetation through;

A gully in Saratov Oblast, Russia.
A gully in Saratov Oblast, Russia

  • The eroded soil is easily carried by the flowing water.
  • Then it dislodged from the ground.
  • Gullies reduce the productivity of farmland.
  • Produce sediment.
  • That  clog downstream waterbodies.
  • The total soil loss from gully formation.

Gully in Avaré, Brasil
Gully in Avaré, Brasil

  • Artificial gullies are formed during hydraulic mining.
  • Jets or streams of water are projected onto soft alluvial deposits to extract gold / tin ore.
  • The remains of such mining methods are very visible landform features in old goldfields;
                        Northern Spain
                        Badlands,Las Medulas

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