Fluvial Landform ( 02.Alluvial Fan )

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Alluvial fan,French Pyrenees
Alluvial fan, French Pyrenees

  • An alluvial fan is a fan/cone shaped landform.
  • Deposit of sediment crossed & built up by streams.
  • Debris flows called a debris cone /colluvial fan.
  • These flows come from a single point.
  • Source at the apex of the fan.
  • Fans are  found in canyon draining from mountainous terrain.
  • It emerges out onto a flatter plain.
  • Alluvial fans into a single apron is called a bajada(compound alluvial fan)

  • Alluvial fans are  found in desert areas.
  • Periodic flash floods from nearby thunderstorms in local hills.
  • The watercourse in an arid climate has leading to a narrow defile.
  • Phreatophytes are plants concentrated at the base of alluvial fans.
  • Alluvial fans also develop in wetter climates.
  • Alluvial fans are subject to flooding.

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