Erosion Landform ( 05. Dissected Plateau )

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  • A dissected plateau is  severely eroded area.
  • That  relief is sharp.
  • This area referred to as mountainous.
  • Dissected plateaus are distinguishable.
  •  That accompanies orogeny.
  • Can found  orogenic mountain belts.
  • Dissected plateaus have;

                                -Lack of folding
                               -Extensive faulting
                               -Magmatic activity
  • Formed after regional uplift.

  • examples of dissected plateaus; 

                                -Allegheny Plateau
                               -Cumberland Plateau
                               -Ozark Plateau
                               -Catskill Mountains
                               -Blue Mountains,Australia
Colarado Platue
Colarado Platue

  • These older uplifts have eroded by creeks/rivers.
  • It develop steep relief.
  • A dissected plateau formed comparatively small scale.
  • The levelling of terrain planing & deposition beneath an ice sheet / ice cap.

  • Dissected volcanic plateaus ;

                  -Pajarito Plateau,New Mexico
                  -Valles Caldera

  • Isolated portions  are known as mesas.
  • Connected portions are known as potreros.

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