Coastal and Oceanic Landform ( 45. Sound )

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  • sound or seaway is a large sea/ ocean inlet.
  • A narrow sea or ocean channel between two bodies of land.
  • It is  larger than a bay.
  • Deeper than a bight.
  • Wider than a fjord.
  • Short name for the Øresund.
  • The main waterway between the North Sea &  the Baltic Sea.
  • Inlets containing large islands.

                                          e.g. Puget Sound
                                                   Howe Sound
  • Open ocean

                                              Queen Charlotte Sound
                                              Caamaño Sound
  • Formed by the sea flooding a river valley.
  • This produces a long inlet  sloping valley hillsides descend to sea-level.
  • It continue beneath the water to sea floor.

                                     example : The Marlborough Sounds,New Zealand

  • Sound is produced glacier carving out a valley on the coast then receding.
  • The glacier produces has steep.
  • Near vertical.
  • Deep under water.
  • This type of sound termed a fjord.

                     e.g.Fiordland, New Zealand

  • A sound generally connotes a protected anchorage.

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