Coastal and Oceanic Landform ( 46. Spit )

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  • spitsandspit is a deposition landform.
  • It found off coasts.
  • Spits connect to a head & extend into the nose.
  • It is a type of bar / beach.

  • Process of longshore drift.
  •  Longshore drift occurs due to waves meeting the beach at an oblique angle.
  • Back-washing perpendicular to the shore.
  • Moving sediment in a zigzag pattern.
  •  Longshore drifting is complemented by longshore currents.
  • It transport sediment through the water alongside the beach.

  • Longshore drift greater than 30 degrees.
  • The spit grown stable &  often fertile.
  • Specialized form of a shoal.
  • Spit may become a bar.

  • Both ends joined to land.
  • Form a lagoon behind the bar.
  • tombolo = Spit continues to grow until it connects the island to the mainland.
  • proximal end = The end of a spit attached to land.

Farewell Spit in New Zealand
Farewell Spit in New Zealand

The longest spit is the Arabat Spit,Azov,110 km long.
Farewell Spit in New Zealand,32 km.
Many spits have hooked / curved ends.

  • DorsetChesil Beach,UK,18-mile.
  • That connects Weymouth to the Isle of Portland.
  • Chesil Beach provides shelter to Weymouth &  the Portland village of Chiswell.

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