Introduction of Erosion Landform (01.Butte )

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  • A butte is a conspicuous isolated hill with steep.
  • They are vertical sides and a small.
  • It has relatively flat top.
  • They are smaller than;

                                                Mesas  landforms
                                                Plateau  landforms
                                                Table landforms
  • The word butte comes from a French word.
  • Meaning is "small hill".
  • Butte's top is narrower.
  • Cassic buttes are;

                                      Scotts Bluff,Nebraska
                                      Crested Butte , Colorado
                                      Elephant Butte,New Mexico

  • Non-flat-topped buttes in the United States;

                                        Bear Butte
                                        South Dakota
                                        Black Butte

  • Formed by erosion.
  • When hard caprock overlies a layer of less resistant rock.
  • The hard rock resists erosion.
  • The caprock provides protection.
  • It standing isolated.
  • The same process forms hoodoos.

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