Erosion Landform (15. Mesa )

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  • mesa term for table land.
  • Elevated area of land with a flat top.
  • Usually has  steep cliffs.
  • It takes its name from its characteristic table-top shape.

  • It is a characteristic of arid environments

                                  -Southwestern United States,badlands

  • Mountainous regions from;

                        Washington                California
                        Dakotas                      Texas
                        Spain                           Sardinia
                        Africa                         Arabia
                       India                           Australia

  • Mesas are formed by weathering & erosion.
  • Horizontally layered rocks  uplifted by tectonic activity.
  • This process is called differential erosion.
  • The most resistant rock types include;

                         sandstone                       conglomerate
                        quartzite                          basalt
                        chert                                limestone
                        lava flows                        sills

  • The less resistant rock layers made up  shale.
  • Less resistant rocks eroded away on the surface into valleys.

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