Erosion Landform ( 19. Ridge )

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A mountain ridge in Japan
A mountain ridge in Japan
  • ridge is consisting of a chain of mountains / hills.
  • Formed  as continuous elevated crest for some distance.

Types of ridges

1. Dendritic ridge

Dendritic ridge
Dendritic ridge

  • In typical dissected plateau terrain.
  • The stream drainage valleys will leave intervening ridges.
  • These are most common ridges.
  • Represent more erosion resistant rock.

2. Stratigraphic ridge

Stratigraphic ridge
Stratigraphic ridg
  • In places such as  Ridge & valley Appalachians.
  • Formed un eroded edges.
  • Strata that were folded laterally.
  • Formed in Black Hills.
  • Concentric circles around the igneous core.
  • Sometimes these ridges are called "hogback ridges".

3. Oceanic spreading ridge

  • Tectonic spreading zones such as at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
  • The volcanic activity forming new plate boundary.
  • Isostatic settling & erosion gradually reduce elevations moving away from the zone.

4. Crater ridges

  • Large meteorite strikes.
  • Formed by large impact craters.
  • Bordered by circular ridges.

5. Volcanic caldera ridges

  • Large volcanoes  leave collapsed central calderas.
  • That are bordered by circular ridges.

6. Fault ridges

  • Formed by escarpments.
  • The tops of the escarpments form not plateaus.

7. Dune ridges

  • In areas of large-scale dune activity.
  • Result in sand ridges.

8. Moraines and eskers

  • Glacial activity leave ridges.
  • An arête is a thin ridge of rock.
  • That is formed by glacial erosion.

9. Volcanic sub glacial ridges

  • Create ridge like formations.
  • Lava erupts through a thick glacier / ice sheet.

10. Shutter ridges
  • Which has moved along a fault line.
  • Blocking / diverting drainage.
  • Creates a valley corresponding to the alignment of the fault that produces it.


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