Coastal and Oceanic Landform ( 51. Tombolo )

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Tombolo near Karystos, Euboea, Greece
Tombolo near Karystos, Euboea, Greece

  • tombolo is a deposition landform.
  • It is an island  attached to the mainland with narrow piece of land.
  • It called as a spit or bar.
  • Once attached island called as  tied island.
  • Several islands tied together by bars are called a tombolo cluster.
  • Two tombolos  form an enclosure ( lagoon).
  • That normally fills sediment.
  • Tombolos considered as isthmus.
Angel Road Shodo Island,Japan
Angel Road Shodo Island,Japan
  • Formed by wave refraction.
  • They  slowed by shallow water surrounding it.
  • These waves refract / bend around the island.
  • The wave pattern created by water movement.
  • The beach sediments are moving by lateral transport on the lee side.
  • The beach shoreline, known as a spit.
  • It will connect  island & form a tombolo.
  • Tombolos are more prone to natural fluctuations of profile.
  • Tombolos are made through the construction of roads / parking lots.
  • Tombolos are small piece of land(island).


  • The Angel Road of Shodo Island, Japan

  • Aupouri Peninsula, New Zealand

  • Ayre o Swinister, Shetland Islands, Scotland

  • Barrenjoey Headland, Pittwater, New South Wales, Australia

  • Beavertail Point, Conanicut Island, Rhode Island

  • Cádiz, Andalucía, Spain

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