Erosion Landform ( 16. Pediment )

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  • pediment is a inclined erosional surface.
  • It carved into bedrock.
  • It is thinly covered with fluvial gravel.
  • That developed at the foot of mountains.
  • It develops running water.
  • It is concave surface sloping away mountainous desert areas.
  • Pediments mistaken for groups of merged alluvial fans.
  • The angle of a pediment’s slope is generally from 0.5° to 7°. 
  • Its form is slightly concave.
  • Found at the base of hills in arid regions.
  • Fullest development in arid regions.

  • Lateral planation / erosion by a stream.
  • Sheetwash /sheet erosion.
                    -Removal thin layers of surface.
                    -Gently sloping land, by broad continuous sheets of running water.

  • Rillwash / rill erosion.
  • Mountain front retreating by weathering.

Formational zones
1. An inner most zone.
            -Mountainous uplands near vertical erosion.

2. An intermediate zone /degradation zone.
          -The pediment beyond the mountain front.

3. An outer zone / aggradation zone.
           -Extends beyond the pediment.
           -It is a zone of deposition.

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