Coastal and Oceanic Landform ( 50. Surge Channel )

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West Coast Trail.
West Coast Trail

  • A surge channel is a narrow inlet on a rocky shoreline.
  • It formed as;
                                 1.Waves strike the shore.
                                2.Water fills the channel.
                                 3.Drains out again.
                                4. The waves retreat.

  •  The narrow  channel create powerful currents.
  • It reverse themselves rapidly.
  • The water level rises and falls.

  • Surge channels range from a few inches across to 10 feet or more.
  • It  create tide pools.
  • Rapid water movement almost always creates a dangerous situation.
  • The West Coast Trail on the coast of Vancouver Island : 
                                                         - It  is famous for  large number of surge channels.
                                                         - Some are at low tide.

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