Fluvial Landform (08.Carolina Bay )

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  • Carolina bays are elliptical depressions concentrated along the Atlantic seaboard.
  • Have within coastal ;

                          Delaware                                                            Maryland (Maryland Basins)
                          New Jersey                                                        North Carolina
                          South Carolina                                                   Virginia
                          Georgia                                                               Northcentral Florida
  • Other landform depressions, not widely as Carolina bays.
  • They are found within northern Gulf of Mexico.
  • They are known as  Grady pondsor Citronelle ponds.
  • Carolina bays vary in size from one to several thousand acres.
  •  About 500,000 classic area of the Atlantic Coastal Plain, often in groups.
  • The bays have different vegetative structures.
  • Based on ;

                       depression depth
  • Some bays are open water with large scattered pond cypress.
  • Others are composed of thick, shrubby areas,with vegetation.
  • The southeastern end has a higher rim of white sand.

Common feature of the Gulf of Mexico
  • Un-drained
  • Circular to oval
  • Depressions exhibiting a wide range of area
  • Depth are very coastal plain within Texas & southwest Louisiana
  •  These depressions size from 0.4 -3.6 km in diameter

  • The bays are  rich in biodiversity.
  • Including rare ,endangered species.
  • Species thrive in the bays ,such as;

                                        -wood storks
                                        -migratory waterfowl

  • Mammals such as;

                                     -black bears
  • Other residents;

                        -green anoles
                        -green tree frogs

  • The bays contain trees, such as;

                             -black gum                          -bald cypress
                           -pond cypress                       -sweet bay
                           -loblolly bay                         -red bay
                          -sweet                                    -maple
                         -magnolia                               -pond pine

  • Shrubs such as;

                    -button bush
  • Plants are;
                   -water lilies
                  -various grasses

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